Climate Change Workshop 2016

Beyond Paris: Driving Solutions for the next Decade

Around 100 climate change professionals from the public and private sectors have gathered at Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) on 18-19 February 2016 in Vienna to attend the Austrian Climate Change Workshop 2016. The event has been organised by KPC in close collaboration with the Austrian Ministry of the Environment and aimed at knowledge generation, sharing and networking. It focused on the following key topics:  

  • Key Outcomes of COP 21 Paris
  • Fostering Low-Carbon Development and Climate Resilience: Public Initiatives
  • The Role of Carbon Markets in the Next Decade
  • Leveraging Private Finance for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

KPC especially would like to thank the more than 20 high-level speakers from international authorities, financing institutions, think tanks and private enterprises who made the event a great success through their presentations and oral contributions and looks forward to another interesting conference in early 2017.


Key Outcomes of COP 21 Paris: 
1. M. Kohlbach MoE COP 21 Key Results Austrian CC WS 2016 
2. KPC_Climate Finance Outcomes COP21_Austrian CC WS 2016 
3. A. Marcu_CEPS_Carbon Markets_Austrian CC WS 2016 
4. Radunsky_UBA_Adaptation COP 21_Austrian Climate Change Workshop 2016

Public Initiatives Low Carbon Development & Climate Resilience: 
1 M. Berg_EIB_Austrian Climate Change Workshop 2016 
2. EBRD J.W. Van de Ven_Austrian Climate Change WS 2016 
3. M. Börner_KfW Austrian Climate Change WS 2016 
4. Lola Vallejo_OECD_Austrian Climate Change WS 2016 

Role of Carbon Markets in the Next Decade: 
1. F. Spors_World Bank_Austrian Climate Change Workshop 2016 
2. J. Swartz_IETA_Austrian Climate Change WS 2016 
3. H. Fallmann_UBA_Austrian Climate Change Workshop 2016 
4. M. Gauss_KPC_Market-based Mechanisms_Austrian CC WS 2016 

Leveraging Private Finance for Mitigation and Adaptation: 
1. T. Grimm_Munich Re_Austrian Climate Change WS 2016 
2. A. Frei-Oldenburg_GIZ_Austrian_Climate_Change_Workshop 
3. F. Spors_World Bank_PAF_Austrian Climate Changes WS 2016 
4. M. Berg_EIB_ Austrian Climate Change Workshop 2016 
5. Gijs Termeer_SKAO__CO2PerformanceLadder_Austrian CC WS 2016 
6. A. Couton_Dalberg_MSME Climate Finance_Austrian CC WS 2016 
7. C. Ploechl_Crowdfunding_Austrian Climate Change WS 2016 

Programme Austrian Climate Change Workshop 2016 

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