Innovative Development Finance Workshop 2015

"Transition to low-carbon finance"

On May 8, KPC hosted the Innovative Development Finance Workshop 2015 "Transition to low-carbon finance" and invited public and private sector financiers, managers, consultants and entrepreneurs to discuss the most recent developments in public-private partnerships of climate friendly investments. This spring event fostered the interaction between the private and public sector financiers and actors.

Main Topics of the Event

The event informed the audience on:

  • Recent development in innovative financing for climate change, specifically tools and instruments developed by international financial institutions and other public sector actors that aim to catalyze private sector investments.
  • Understanding private sector investor interests and capacity to work with the public sector on climate mitigation, adaptation, and other environment-friendly projects.
  • Close look at the recent growth and popularity of green bonds and its future as a mainstream investment product. KPC is actively engaged in the development finance field, specifically in the topic of blending public resources with private sector investments.

KPC recently finalized a study on the European Union's Blending Facilities, analyzing the potential to increase the use of more in-novative financing mechanisms, such as risk sharing mechanisms, to catalyze further private sector flows.

KPC is also part of the World Bank's Community Development Carbon Fund as well as on the Accreditation Panel of the Green Climate Fund. KPC is actively involved in cutting edge instruments in the development finance world.

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