World Bank - Macedonia

Technical, regulatory and organizational analysis and conclusions for enhanced wastewater treatment for rural areas in the Republic of Macedonia.

Under the Municipal services improvement project of the World Bank, Hydroingenieure together with KPC successfully submitted a proposal to provide Technical Assistance for small size Wastewater treatment in rural areas in Macedonia. The project is intended to run from end of October 2016 until January 2017.

The main objective of this Technical Assistance assignment is to support selection of adequate wastewater treatment for the rural areas under the MSIP project: 

  • at a general level: by evaluating already implemented solutions in Macedonia, and giving advice based on that experience combined with the international experience of our consortium, and on the other hand on a
  • specific level: by reviewing the proposed wastewater treatment solutions of settlements within 8 municipalities and proposing alternatives based on the general level advice.
Urheberrecht: Christoph Prandtstetten / KPC
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