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22. March 2017
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Earth Hour 2017

Turn off the light for climate protection

It all started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia with a symbolic switching off the light for an hour. Today it is a global movement. In 2016 the Earth Hour reached hundreds of millions of people in more than 7,000 cities and communities in more than 178 countries. About 1,200 well known buildings and monuments were darkened.

This year, the Earth Hour will take place between 20:30 and...[more]

18. January 2017
Category: Won Tenders

Promotion and implementation of market based climate protection initiatives in developing countries

Administration of German Foundation “Future of the carbon market”

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) has been awarded a contract for the administration of the Foundation “Future of the carbon market”. The Foundation has been established by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) in cooperation with Germany’s Development Bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). The Foundation...[more]

17. November 2016
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At the World Climate Summit for Austria


16/11/2016 - An item on the agenda is the financing sources. One of a total of seven negotiation rounds has been concluded. Remaining topics are the negotiations on the future of the so-called Adaption Fund, whether and in what form this UN fund will function under the Paris Agreement.


15/11/2016 - The high-level segment of COP22 in Marrakesh has started today. For...[more]

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02. November 2016
Category: Won Tenders

World Bank - Macedonia

Technical, regulatory and organizational analysis and conclusions for enhanced wastewater treatment for rural areas in the Republic of Macedonia.

Under the Municipal services improvement project of the World Bank, Hydroingenieure together with KPC successfully submitted a proposal to provide Technical Assistance for small size Wastewater treatment in rural areas in Macedonia. The project is intended to run from end of October 2016 until January 2017.

The main objective of this Technical Assistance assignment is to support...[more]

Nahaufnahme Block mit Stift
15. September 2016
Category: Project Reports

Roadmap to attract financing from the Green Climate Fund for a water and sanitation project in Uganda

consulting services provided for the Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

In the context of consulting services provided for the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), KPC as a member of the InWaters consortium has assisted the Ministry of Water and Environment of the Republic of Uganda in the elaboration of a roadmap to attract finance from the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The roadmap describes the key requirements as set by the GCF and specifies main actors as...[more]

Won Tenders

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) sets up Western Balkans Green Economy Financing Facility (WB GEFF)

The KPC in a consortium together with Eptisa and Crimson Capital intend to establish the Western Balkans Green Economy Financing Facility (WB GEFF) which will take the form of credit lines for a total of up to EUR 85 million to Participating Financial Intermediaries (PFIs) in six countries on the Western Balkan (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia), for on-lending to eligible sub-borrowers to finance residential energy efficiency and/or small-scale renewable energy investments.

Management of business for the “Future of the Carbon Market” Foundation

The “Future of the Carbon Market” foundation pursues the objective of promoting environmental protection, particularly in the field of climate protection initiatives in developing and emerging countries. KPC supports the German ministry of the environment through the operational implementation of the Foundation's objectives, the administration of the foundation, and acts as its secretariat.

KPC supports the EBRD to implement SEFF market readiness

Within this framework contract KPC establishes together with an IT company a web-based technology selector. This Tech-Selector enables end customers in existing and/or new markets from the EBRD to choose on line from several resource efficient products, taking into account the country’s energy efficiency level, and afterwards to apply for a loan at a local bank within one of EBRD’s Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF).

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) awarded multi-million dollar EBRD tender

KPC was recently awarded the EBRD-funded project, “Project Consultant – Assistance with the implementation of the Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Finance Facility (UREEFF)” in a consortium with D’Appolonia SpA and e7 – Energy Markets Analysis. With a view to address the poor condition of the residential building stock in Ukraine and the impact of rapidly raising energy tariffs, the EBRD is envisaging a residential SEFF framework to be implemented in cooperation with the Ukrainian Government and selected Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs). By bundling technical assistance, financial incentives to end-users and medium-term funding/risk participation into a ‘one-stop-shop’, UREEFF will be the first dedicated instrument to support investments in residential energy efficiency throughout the country.

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) was commissioned by the Austrian Development Agency to consolidate the water and sanitation sector in South-East Europe

Within the Austrian Development Cooperation KPC works together with Hydrophil and Dorsch International Consultants in the water and sanitation sector in South-East Europe. A strong focus will be in strengthening local ownership and local expertise in planning and implementation and protecting natural resources in the area. This project is set to run until 2018.

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) publishes comparative analysis for the application of market instruments in Poland

A consortium led by KPC has elaborated a Comparative Analysis of market-based Mechanisms aimed at attracting additional revenues for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments by Polish SMEs in the context of EBRD’s second Polish Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (PolSEFF2). The identified instruments relate to (i) carbon markets, (ii) energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and (iii) green procurement.

The report is part of EU-funded technical assistance and provides the basis for further selection of suitable mechanisms by project stakeholders and potential piloting in Poland in a next project phase. 

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) selected to serve as Verification Agent for the World Bank Group’s new innovative climate finance mechanism

The Pilot Auction Facility for Methane and Climate Change Mitigation is an innovative climate finance mechanisms developed by the World Bank Group to stimulate investments in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maximizing the impact of public funds and leveraging private sector financing. KPC will serve as the Facility’s third-party independent verification agent for the next five years.

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) holds first annual Innovative Development Finance Conference on the “Transition to Low Carbon Finance”

KPC’s Innovative Development Finance Workshop focused on recent shifts in the low-carbon economy, particularly the successful inclusion of private sector participants in recent projects. High level speakers from the public and private sector, including the EU, EBRD, IFC, Climate Bond Initiative and Climate Policy Initiative discussed the potential for collaboration on climate change finance.

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) finalises multi-year study on the potential to increase the use of innovative financing mechanisms

KPC in consortium with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, recently finalised a two-year analysis on the potential to expand the use of blended-finance instruments within the European Commission. The analysis included an in-depth look at the possible contribution of the private sector in the development aid context.