31. January 2019
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Austrian Climate Change Workshop

Sustainable Finance - Going to Scale

Date: 31 January, 2019 
Venue: Kommunalkredit Public Consulting, 1092 Vienna, Tuerkenstrasse 9


KPC in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism has conducted the Austrian Climate Change Workshop 2019. Summary

This annually-held event aims at fostering knowledge-sharing and discussion on key climate change issues thereby contributing to low-carbon...[more]

24. May 2018
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KPC launcht TechSelector

Bei der Weltbank-Veranstaltung „Innovate for Climate (I4C)“ , der wichtigsten Konferenz zum Thema Klimaschutz und nachhaltige Finanzierung, stellen KPC und EBRD ihre Anwendung für klimaschonende Technologien vor.

Gemeinsam mit IT-Experten hat die KPC im Auftrag der EBRD ein Tool entwickelt, das ein Upscaling der EBRD Green Economy Financing Facilities (GEFFs) erlauben wird. Beim sogenannten Technology Selector handelt es sich um eine annähernd globale, länderspezifische Datenbank mit Energieeffizienzprodukten die in Abhängigkeit vom Energieeffizienzniveau des jeweiligen Landes im Rahmen der...[more]

22. March 2017
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Earth Hour 2017

Turn off the light for climate protection

It all started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia with a symbolic switching off the light for an hour. Today it is a global movement. In 2016 the Earth Hour reached hundreds of millions of people in more than 7,000 cities and communities in more than 178 countries. About 1,200 well known buildings and monuments were darkened.

This year, the Earth Hour will take place between 20:30 and...[more]

17. November 2016
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At the World Climate Summit for Austria


16/11/2016 - An item on the agenda is the financing sources. One of a total of seven negotiation rounds has been concluded. Remaining topics are the negotiations on the future of the so-called Adaption Fund, whether and in what form this UN fund will function under the Paris Agreement.


15/11/2016 - The high-level segment of COP22 in Marrakesh has started today. For...[more]

06. July 2016
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Business opportunities with the EBRD

Event in Vienna, Austria, 30 June 2016

The EBRD has held an event dedicated to presenting business opportunities for Austrian suppliers of technologies and services in the EBRD countries of operation on 30 June, 2016 in Vienna, Austria. The event has been hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and the Austrian Commercial Chamber and has attracted well over 100 participants from Austrian green technology firms,...[more]